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Glenn Edward Elvington aka Big Glenn God's soulja was born Feb. 17, 1982 in Newport news, Virginia . At the age of 2 his family moved to Gloucester, Va. where he grew up an attended their schools. At age 7 he experienced the Holy spirit for the first time. He didn't get raised up in the church. He was just your typical holiday church goer. Also in his younger years he began to listen to rock and hip-hop music it was such an influence on him that by the age of 12 he wrote his first rap song, by his mid teens he began to rhyme words off the top of his head without writing them, He also began skipping school and hanging out with the crowd that loved to party and get into mischief, and along with that came the drugs and drinking, But at age 15 he felt the Holy spirit come over him again. After that every time he got a chance he would walk up to the front of a church and give his life to GOD, and then go right back into the streets and act as if he had never even acknowledged GOD. He began to steal and lie a lot at that time as well, but he always felt something pulling at his heart. By 19 he had the chance to record his fist song which was secular track called "Just listen". By this time he had walked up and given his life to Christ about 5 times. As most secular rappers he began to rap in a group and write many songs filled with nothing but sinful thoughts. He was drinking a lot then and hooked on all kinds of drugs. Then at age 23 while on stage performing secular hip hop the LORD came to him ,and at that time he hadn't been to a church in 2 years. The Lord began to minister to his heart and show him all he ever did wrong, and it was the first time he felt the purest conviction of what he really was , which was a sinner. The Lord spoke to him and told him that he has called him his whole life, and now is the time for him to stand for him and go and preach the gospel to all not only in the pulpit, but also through rap music. That night Glenn invited the LORD in his heart with sincerity and he has never been the same since. Big Glenn was called out of a secular realm of hip-hop to bring the light of Jesus Christ to darkness of rap music. Now he writes every track with the knowledge God has given him to uplift the name of Jesus Christ....